Terms & Conditions



1. General – Supply Only and Supply & Installation

The above price(s) are valid for a period of 30 days from date of quotation and subject to confirmation when the terms & conditions of contract are agreed with customer.

Carriage included to “site” based on the use of a suitable vehicle to the postcode shown. Changes to the delivery address, dedicated loads (timed deliveries) can be provided however this may be subject to an additional cost.

Lead Time
See above

Terms to be agreed subject to satisfactory credit check and/or bank/trade references.

Additional at the standard rate (if applicable).

Liquidated Damages
Claims for liquidated damages are NOT ACCEPTED.

The manufacturing of the above materials is subject to H&H Acoustic Technologies internal tolerances, which are available upon request.

H&H quotations are based upon using matt and semi-gloss powder coated finish. If a satin finish is required, this will be chargeable at premium rate.

Structural Integrity
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the existing structure is in good condition and capable of supporting the acoustic treatment detailed above. H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd does not accept any responsibility in this matter.

We reserve the right to review our prices should there be any design or specification changes prior to starting the contract and charge additionally for any variations or additional works agreed during the course of the contract.

The equipment will be polythene-wrapped and palletised for secure delivery to site.

Off loading
All materials to be off loaded by the client using plant or labour supplied by the client (at no extra cost to H&H Acoustic Technologies). A HIAB or Moffett equipped lorry can be supplied as part of the delivery requirements at an extra cost. Please note that additional costs may be applicable for any delays in off loading should any excessive waiting times be encountered.

All loading out and storage to be supplied and undertaken by the client at no extra cost to H&H Acoustic Technologies.

We reserve the right to charge for aborted visits, should we be unable to progress installation (if applicable) due to the site being unavailable at agreed times, or because other trades are obstructing our free access, or because you are unable to effect offloading without undue delay. If installation or delivery of goods is delayed by the customer, a charge for storage of goods may be levied.


2. Additional for Supply & Installation Only

Our price is based on free, uninterrupted access to each site during normal midweek working hours, at one continuous site visit and our not being delayed by other trades. We reserve the right to review the above prices should reasonable progress of the works be hampered in any way.

Start Date
See Lead time above. Revised dates may be possible to suit site programmes/schedules of works and can be advised upon request.

Working Hours
The above prices are based upon standard working hours i.e. Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm. We reserve the right to charge additionally for premium hours, weekend working, or any other form of acceleration costs if requested by the customer to meet a completion date if insufficient notice has been given or if access is unavailable due to other trades being behind schedule.

Method Statement & Risk Assessment
We have included for providing a generic method statement only and associated risk assessment. If a site specific one is required, we reserve the right to charge additionally.

Site Access
The above price is based upon clear and uninterrupted access to site during normal midweek working hours, at one continuous site visit, and no restrictions due to other trades working in the area.

Welfare Facilities
A minimum of on site washing & toilet facilities to be made available free of charge.

We have made a nominal allowance for site safety inductions. However, if a lengthy induction is required (i.e. more than 30 minutes) then we reserve the right to charge additionally.

The above prices assume:

  • Clear access to the area requiring treatment.
  • Site to be cleared and substrate prepared prior to H&H Acoustic Technologies involvement.
  • Works to be completed by others if required before installation of acoustic materials.

To be provided by the customer free of charge (110v on site plus additional 240v for battery chargers).

Task Lighting
Included, if necessary.

Access Equipment
We have included for the use of the following specialist access equipment,

Protection Of Works
The above prices do not include for the protection of our works whilst other trades are on site. If protection is required then this will be charged extra subject to agreement of the type of protection required plus labour to remove protection once instructed to do so.

Waste Disposal
H&H Acoustic Technologies to dispose of waste materials into skips or bins provided free of charge by the customer and located near to the installation areas. We reserve the right to charge additionally should any variation to this be requested or required.

Off loading
All materials to be offloaded, as arranged, by H&H Acoustic Technologies. The materials are to be loaded out and/or moved by H&H Acoustic Technologies personnel to storage areas provided by the Client. Unless otherwise instructed, any equipment required for these purposes is to be provided by H&H Acoustic Technologies. Fork lifts etc to be supplied by client unless otherwise agreed.

The above prices are based upon the goods being securely stored (flat) on site either in, or adjacent to the rooms to be treated. H&H Acoustic Technologies do not accept any responsibility for goods either lost, stolen or damaged whilst in storage. We reserve the right to charge additionally should this not be the case.

A percentage retention will only be considered on order values over £10k and then by both party agreement prior to order acceptance.

Measured Works
Please note that our products are bespoke on each project and we do not accept measured works.

Architect and Specifier Resources

At Acoustic Technologies we realise how timely correct information can help progress a project along. We have a range of information about our products on RIBA; NBS and BIM for immediate download. To assist we have data sheets for all the products here along with some example case studies. Should you require additional help we have an independently certified acoustician on the team to assist with bespoke solutions for unique issue’s that manifest in projects. Find out more.