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Reasons for choosing our treatments?

H&H Acoustic Technologies acoustic wall and ceiling treatment solutions are based on products tried and tested over the past decade, if not longer. All our products are manufactured as a bespoke panel that suits a size and shape that suits your requirements with a performance level that ensures the solution proposed is correct. Our products are manufactured from a range of acoustic core materials, finished in an aesthetic fashion using modern fabrics and with a fixing method to suit the Environment that they are required to be installed within.

Why is this treatment required?

Acoustic treatment is added to a building either as part of the design or as an addition at a later date to help reduce the reverberation levels to acceptable levels.

Reverberation control is required to be addressed in sectors such as education, offices and the healthcare industry to improve speech intelligibility, the learning process and comfort for others. Reverberation control is also advised in various other publications such as Approved Document E.

Specific mention of required reverberation control can be found in the publications below:

  • Building Bulletion 93 (BB93): Specifically targets the education sector
  • BS8233: Offices
  • HTM08-1: Health care and hospitals
  • BBC and other specific organization based requirements

What product ranges are available?

The following product ranges are available and can be used in the following methods:


Designer Panels: Mineral core board with impact resistant face that is used as a stand alone panels finished to a single face and all edges. Used on walls using secret fixings (z-clips) as standard with other fixing methods available.

Liner Panels: Mineral core board with impact resistant face that is used for covering large areas by fitting panels in to a channel profile frame with t-trims between abutting panels (walls only).

Flush Fit: A hybrid version of our Designer and Liner panels that does not require the t-trims as all vertical edges are fully finished. This system still requires a channel profile frame work and is for use on walls only

Akoostiq: Polyester core with impact resistant face that is used as a stand alone panels finished to a single face and all edges. Can be used on walls and ceilings and is normally bonded direct to the substrate or soffit.

Ceiling Clouds: Manufactured as our Designer panels but designed to be used with suspension cables for suspending from the ceiling. Panels can either be shaped or square edge.

Melatech® based products

dB Absorbers: Melatech foam core that is finished to one face and all edges to act as a stand alone finished panel. These are generally for use on ceilings given the foam core although they can be used on walls if required. These panels are bonded directly to the soffit or substrate using an appropriate adhesive.

HR Absorbers: Consist of a dB Absorber mounted to a metal sub frame so they can be suspended from the ceiling (using appropriate cables) to act as an acoustic raft.


Tufsound P: Consist of a perforated metal tray folded on 2 sides and infilled with a mineral fibre core. The tray is also lined with a tissue facing to prevent fibre migration. Tufsound is fixed in place using a metal channel profile frame and all metal can be powder coated to most readily available RAL colours. Tufsound can be used in both wall and ceiling applications.

Modular Tufsound: Consist of a perforated metal tray as Tufsound P however these are folded on all four sides to give a stand alone panel capable of being fixed to walls or ceilings direct or suspended using appropriate cables. These panels can be finished as Tufsound P.


This is a stretch fabric system that comprises of our plastic edge and butt track profiles that are fixed to the substrate or soffit and grip the fabric under tension once fitted. The acoustic core is generally Melatech although other materials may be suitable. Phonotrack can be fitted to almost any size required and the limitations are only restricted by the fabric size.


An aluminium frame surround with a fabric facing that is push fits securely in to place within the metal frame. Melatech acous-tic foam is generally used as the acoustic core medium however other material can be used.

As well as a comprehensive range of wall and ceiling treatments, H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd can supply a range of acoustic flooring and acoustic materials to resolve sound reduction issues. We also are able to provide full support and acoustic testing through our fully qualified acoustic consultant.

For further information and assistance please contact Matthew Allen at H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd, 23 Princewood Road, Earlstree Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4AP
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Architect and Specifier Resources

At Acoustic Technologies we realise how timely correct information can help progress a project along. We have a range of information about our products on RIBA; NBS and BIM for immediate download. To assist we have data sheets for all the products here along with some example case studies. Should you require additional help we have an independently certified acoustician on the team to assist with bespoke solutions for unique issue’s that manifest in projects. Find out more.