Acoustic Flooring

Structural and overlay flooring to reduce impact and airborne noise

Reasons for choosing REDUC®

Reduc acoustic flooring has a long history and unlike many of its competitors it was not bought to market simply to capitalize on the 2003 amendment to Approved Document E of the building regulations. Instead it has been developed as part of a continuing programme of research, development and innovation to provide optimum acoustic performance beyond set standards.

Reduc acoustic flooring has been tested to demonstrate compliance with current Legislation by rigorous site based testing as opposed to sterile laboratory based testing.

Why is REDUC® required?

In 2003 new Building Regulations were introduced under 16 different headings to ensure that a set standard of criteria was adhered to when undertaking any building or construction work.

Approved Document E is a government released document that sets out the requirements for ensuring that the ‘resistance to the passage of sound’ is met. This document outlines in detail what is required to be undertaken to ensure that residents and users within dwellings are protected from noise pollution from either internal or external sources in England & Wales. Different requirements for Scotland and Northern Ireland are required to be met.

Noise Issues and REDUC®

AIRBORNE noise is an unwanted sound that is transmitted through the air from sources such as (but not limited to) speech, television, radio, animal sounds, transport etc.

IMPACT noise is an unwanted form of structure borne sound that occurs when an object impacts on another resulting in the generation and transmission of sound. In buildings this is normally foot fall, items being dropped etc.

FLANKING TRANSMISSION – Reduc flooring is not tested for nor does it control flanking sound as this is transmitted between spaces indirectly by going over or around the construction as opposed to through it. Further advice can be given on dealing with flanking transmission when using Reduc as required.


What is REDUC® acoustic flooring?

  • A multi-layered board consisting of 2 different mass layers separated by beads of a visco-elastic damping compound. A felt resilient layer to the rear of the panel allows the floor board to be decoupled from the sub floor or joists.
  • A single mass layer board with a felt resilient layer to the rear of the panel which allows the floor board to be decoupled from the sub floor or joists.
  • A heavy rubber mass layer with a felt resilient layer to the rear of the panel which allows the floor board to be decoupled from the sub floor or joists.

REDUC® acoustic flooring can be used as an overlay board to an existing timber deck, on concrete floors as an overlay or as part of a cradle and batten system or as a structural board laid direct to joists, so no matter what the application REDUC® has a solution to suit.

REDUC® acoustic flooring accepts most conventional floor coverings, can be used with underfloor heating, in wet room applications and even non-load bearing partitions can be built direct on to REDUC® Foundation 35 and Foundation 39 floor boards.

REDUC® is also simple to install given that the boards are only required to be bonded with no mechanical fixings required.

REDUC® Product Selector

To assist in identifying suitable products for your project the table below will assist in identifying the type of application and floor finishes that can be used with our acoustic flooring products. Once a suitable acoustic floor board has been identified further detailed information can be found on our product data sheets available on our website. As well as a comprehensive acoustic flooring range, H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd can supply a range of materials to assist in reverberation control and sound reduction issues. We also are able to provide full support and acoustic testing through our fully qualified acoustic consultant.

REDUC acoustic flooring is available through our stockist and distributer:
Trim Acoustics - +44 (0)20 8443 0099  or email

For further information and assistance please contact Louise Fraser at H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd, 23 Princewood Road, Earlstree Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4AP
Tel: +44 (0)1536 270 450  Email:


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Architect and Specifier Resources

At Acoustic Technologies we realise how timely correct information can help progress a project along. We have a range of information about our products on RIBA; NBS and BIM for immediate download. To assist we have data sheets for all the products here along with some example case studies. Should you require additional help we have an independently certified acoustician on the team to assist with bespoke solutions for unique issue’s that manifest in projects. Find out more.