With a broad area of expertise our professionally trained staff can offer assistance in wide ranging areas of acoustics from the start to finish of a project.

Reasons for choosing H&H Acoustic Consultancy?

Whether assistance is required at the very early planning stages or if sign-off of a completed project is required we are able to assist. In addition our breadth of expertise allows us to consider projects from a number of different acoustic angles often resulting in more cost effective and practical solutions.

Why are Consultancy Services required?

In almost all developments and projects noise is now a consideration for health reasons; from hearing protection for employees and speech intelligibility in classrooms through to prevention of sleep disturbance in residential properties. As a result of this, planning conditions and regulations are in place to ensure a safe and healthy noise environment for those exposed to this new environment.

Which areas of acoustics can H&H Acoustic Consultancy help with?

ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE - residential and commercial developments require assessments to consider noise impact (residential) and noise generation (commercial). These assessments apply to any commercial site where additional noise sources are proposed and to all proposed residential sites. In addition commercial sites with ongoing activities may require periodic assessment to confirm noise levels are within permissible limits. We are able to assist with all forms of environmental noise assessments from small to very large scale projects.

RESIDENTIAL SOUND TESTING - residential dwellings that share a wall or floor are required to provide a suitable level of acoustic protection. It is imperative that the separating elements are designed and constructed in a way to provide this protection. We are able to provide assistance with new build and refurbishment projects in both traditional house/apartment developments as well as multi-occupant developments such as hotels and halls of residence. From assessment of an existing structure and design advice through to site testing for formal submission—we can assist.

REVERBERATION CONTROL - reverberation times that are too high can lead to lowered levels of speech intelligibility and comfort. The control of reverberation is critical in areas where communication is a primary function and can also be em-ployed to control the spread of noise within a space. We are able to provide guidance on suitable control measures and tailor our solutions to site constraints such as physical limitations and visual aesthetics.

NOISE AT WORK - in order to protect employees an assessment is required to determine the noise exposure within a work-place. This is typically completed when there is a reason to believe the environment has changed, such as new machinery or complaint, however in some cases this change can be missed. We can provide a full service to assess the needs of a business and if desired provide periodic checks to confirm the suitability of an existing assessment.

3D COMPUTER MODELLING - some projects require very complex analysis and the most cost effective and flexible way of achieving this is through the use of computer based modelling. As well as being consistently accurate in more complex environments it is also possible to modify (e.g. due to a site redesign) or continuously update the model (e.g. annual assessment requirement) meaning that cost savings can be made long term. We are able to provide a computer based 3D modelling service for external (CADNA) and internal (CATT) environments.

CPD PRESENTATIONS - in a number of project we noticed that our clients were requesting outline instructions on acoustics in order to help them understand the subject and their needs better. As a result we now offer a CPD service including formal RIBA approved CPD sessions. The CPD sessions range in subject from the basics of sound insulation design concepts through to the fundamental theories behind acoustics and how that translates into day-to-day life.

For further information and assistance please contact Ian French at H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd, 23 Princewood Road, Earlstree Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4AP
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At Acoustic Technologies we realise how timely correct information can help progress a project along. We have a range of information about our products on RIBA; NBS and BIM for immediate download. To assist we have data sheets for all the products here along with some example case studies. Should you require additional help we have an independently certified acoustician on the team to assist with bespoke solutions for unique issue’s that manifest in projects. Find out more.