SoftSound® Designer Panels


Decorative wall panelling manufactured from a sound absorbing mineral fibre core board faced with a thin, high-density, impact resistant mineral fibre panel. The composite panel has reinforced edges and is completely wrapped with an acoustically transparent fabric.

The Designer panels are fitted using concealed fixings on the rear and are designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise to create a more comfortable acoustic environment.

• Absorbs high levels of sound and significantly reduces reverberation
• Aesthetic effect – For use where overall wall coverage is not a practicality or a requirement
• Design flexibility – Can create separate stand alone feature panels or banks of panels in different colours
• High quality decorative finish
• Available in a range of bespoke sizes
• Simple installation


• Commercial premises
• High traffic public areas
• Call centres, offices and conference centres
• Reception areas
• Education facilities
• Healthcare buildings
• Recording Studios
• Theatres, cinemas and auditoria

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