Southam Quarry


Project: Cemex - Southam Quarry
Location: Warwickshire
Product: Acoustic Consultancy


Cemex approached H&H Acoustic Technologies following a number of successful projects to consider the Southam Quarry site in Warwickshire.

Due to residential expansion in nearby villages it became necessary for the large quarrying facility to be regularly monitored to ensure operations do not disturb new residents to the area.

Noise radiating from all sources on site have been calculated and measured, and compared against planning conditions and IPPC guidelines. Following numerous assessments over many years the Cemex site continues to actively manage its noise sources and consistently prove compliance with Local Planning Authority criterion.

With successful assessments completed by H&H Acoustic Technologies over many years the site has successfully balanced operational requirements with minimal impact on the surrounding noise environment.



  • BS 4142
  • IPPC
  • Planning Guidance