REDUC® Micro 21


REDUC® Micro 21 is an overlay acoustic flooring product suitable for use on new and existing timber floors. The substrate layers of moisture-resistant MDF and cement particle board are separated by visco-elastic sound damping strips. The underside incorporates a resilient layer of acoustic felt which provides mechanical isolation from the existing floor structure.

REDUC® Micro 21 is 21mm thick and is designed to damp vibration and attenuate both airborne sound and impact noise passing through floors whilst having minimal impact upon room height.

• Extremely thin, high performance acoustic flooring
• Excellent impact and airborne noise reduction
• Ideal for conversion, refurbishment and new build projects
• Ideal for use where floor to ceiling height is limited
• Can be used in kitchens and bathrooms
• Quick and easy to install
• Provided with full technical back up


• Flats and apartments
• Hotels and hostels
• Sheltered housing
• Social housing
• Nursing and care homes
• Student accommodation

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