Anechoic Wedges


Anechoic wedges are designed to absorb sound and reduce reverberation. They are used to create anechoic chambers/ rooms.

The word “Anechoic” or “an-echoic” means non-echoing or non-reflective. There are three products in our anechoic wedges range.

MelaTech™ foam is extremely lightweight and low density, allowing easy installation directly onto chamber walls. MelaTech™ has excellent fire resistance, thermal and acoustic properties.

Graphite based polyurethane foam has consistent density and hardness, meaning wedges maintain their shape and uniformity. The spread of flame is prevented due to the graphite particles within the foam. Wedges are installed using either a single or double grid system.

Mineral Wool wedges have good acoustic properties and are manufactured with a stockinette facing. Due to their heavy weight, they are usually installed using a grid system.


• Anechoic chambers